The Flex Belt is the most up to date electric abdominal toning belt on the market, with a contemporary design and made using the latest materials available. It is also referred to as the ‘Slendertone System Abs‘ as it is the more advanced version of the Slendertone Flex. Due to the excellent design of the Flex Belt we found it to be both very easy to use and comfortable to wear even for longer sessions.

The Flex Belt works like other ab toning belts on the market through the use of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The EMS unit sends signals to the targeted nerves which in turn send them through to all the abdominal muscles, not just those muscles under the gel pads. The pulse strength and frequency range is adjustable to suit all users.

The design of the Flex Belt means that the 4 gel pads used are pre-positioned in the ab belt so they cover the central abdominal muscles and the external obliques. This ensures consistency when using the Flex belt and also produces the best results.

The Flex Belt retails at $199.99 and comes with a guarantee of visible results in 4 weeks or else a 60 day money back guarantee along with a 2 year warranty. This proved to us that the Flex belt does achieve results and they are also seriously dedicated to keeping their customers happy.

The Flex Belt is only available to buy on-line direct from the manufacturer. For $199.99 the Flex Belt package includes the Flex Ab Belt and Gel Pads, a rechargeable power supply unit, a belt extension, a carry case, and an instruction manual. The fact that the belt can extend means that the Flex belt is also available for use by people with a waist over 44 inches. The power supply unit can also be used with the other Flex products available which can come in useful.

The fact that the Flex Belt is the only FDA approved ab toning belt on the market also impressed us.

The Flex Belt is the first Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) ab belt product of this kind to be cleared by the FDA as a Class II medical device for direct sales to consumers.

Due to the use of clinically proven patented medical-grade technology, the Flex Belt is proven to deliver firmer, stronger and more toned abdominal muscles when used daily for 30 minutes.

In fact, after a clinical study which lasted 6 weeks an amazing 100% of those people taking part reported firmer more toned abs. Flex Belt also reported that 93% of their users reported achieving firmer abs after a period of daily use, and with over 2 million users worldwide this is a very impressive statistic, unlike the contour abs which has no trials. Flex also makes the ‘Flex Enervive‘, a next generation EMS toner that is able to target any muscle group – read our full review of ab toning belts.

Another plus with the Flex Belt is that it is aimed at and is suitable for both men and women unlike some belts which are gender specific. In fact the Flex Belt has become so popular amongst both genders that it can be seen in magazines from Cosmopolitan and Glamour to Men’s Fitness. The Flex Belt ab toner is also endorsed by various major league sports stars such as Jerry Rice.

We felt that the high quality design and manufacturing which goes in to the Flex Belt from a company with over 40 years proven experience in EMS technology produced better results faster than the other toning belts we have tested. And with the customer guarantees that come as standard, the Flex Belt is definitely the best value for money.

Read our full review of popular ab toning belts here

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