The last thing you want when looking for exercises to lose belly fat are exercises that will waste your time, and deliver no results. Imagine doing crunch after crunch and not even seeing a slight difference. And doing the same old crunches over and over again is enough to have you extremely bored (leave you wondering what exercises to do to lose belly fat?) and likely to quit with your tummy exercises.

This is why having a 30 day plan is so important and invaluable. Differing your routine as you advance and doing different exercises every week will keep you motivated and you will start seeing results. You will see that in every week we combine cardio with toning exercises. This combination is best if you want to tone and lose fat. So here is a four week breakdown of what you can do to maximize your results.

Exercises that burn belly fat – a 4 week plan.

Week 1: Beginner abs exercises and light cardio

The best way to start with your fat burning plan is to begin on beginner’s level. This will wake up your abs slowly and prevent injuries. Along with doing abs exercises, you should begin by getting in 20 minutes of light cardio every day. Walking is a great exercise to start with.

When targeting your abs, it is important to target all the different muscles your tummy is made up off , namely the upper and lower abs (the rectus abdominis), the obliques (the place where love handles life), and the internal obliques (the transverse abdominis).

Here are some nice beginner’s exercises to do, along with the muscles they target.

  • Traditional crunch: Upper abs
  • Reverse crunch:Lower abs
  • Oblique V ups: Obliques
  • The plank: Transverse abdominals.

Do a circuit of these exercises every second day – repeat the circuit four times by doing 10 reps of each exercise, resting between sets. SO you would start with a light warm up, a light jogging on the place and then you would start with the first abs exercise, then you would move on the next exercise until you have done all the listed exercises. Up until that point, you have completed one circuit and you can rest before moving on to the next circuit. Do this for a total number of 4 times.

Week 2: Beginner to intermediate abs exercises and medium intensity cardio

This week you are going to take your exercises to lose belly fat as well as your cardio up to the next level. You will still do 20 minutes of cardio every second day, but this time you will be picking up the pace and implementing interval training. Interval cardio training is one of the very best cardio exercises to lose belly fat. On the days that you don’t do your interval training you should still aim to get in some light cardio like walking or riding your bike.

This is how one do interval training : Start your chosen cardio exercise with a light warm up. You then gradually increase the intensity, speed and or incline minute for minute until you break out in an intense effort (running or sprinting). After that point you then gradually decrease the intensity, speed and/or incline minute for minute until you are back at your starting position. Repeat this until your 20 minutes are up.

Your abs exercises should be done in the same manner as in week one, but the difficulty level increases now.

Abs exercises to do in this week and body part targeted are:

  • Modified Raised-feet crunches: Upper abs
  • Seated abs crunch: Lower abs
  • Saxon side bends: Obliques
  • Side bridge: Transverse abdominals.

Week 3: Intermediate abs exercises and weight training and medium intensity cardio

Because your abs is getting nice and strong, and it keeps you out of boredom if your routine is varied, we are taking your exercises to lose belly fat again up another level this week to intermediate exercises.

For maximum fat burning result, include light weight training like lunges, squats, bicep curls and push ups into your abs circuit. Do your upper body weight training exercises on one day and the lower body exercises on the other day. You would do the weight training exercises between your abs exercises.

Also don’t forget to do your cardio interval training, but because we are including weight training now, you can do your cardio exercises every second day.

The best exercises for intermediate level and the targeted muscles are:

  • Weighted crunch Upper abs,
  • Raised knee ins: For the lower abs,
  • Oblique rotation: For your obliques
  • For your transverse abdominals: Two point bridge

Week 4: Advanced abs training, weight training and medium intensity cardio

If you are ready to take your workout up another level, you can do the advanced level for tummy exercises. But to avoid injuries, only do this when you feel you can , otherwise stick to the intermediate exercises.

For this week, do cardio interval training every second day and your abs blasting circuit every other day; just remember to include your weight training exercises into the circuit for even better fat burning results.

Here are the best exercises for advanced level (if you feel up to it).

  • Upper abs: Long arm weighted crunch
  • Lower abs: Push aways
  • Obliques: Medicine ball torso rotation
  • Transverse abdominis Exercise ball plank (or normal plank if you don’t own a ball)

If you do this 30 day plan of the best exercises to lose belly fat that will never leave you bored, you will truly never be bored, as the routine and intensity is differed each week and taking up the level each week will keep toning your abs into strong lean muscles.

Targeting the abs from the different muscle groups will also help you get that six pack look quicker and easier. So start following this plan today and you will get flat, sexy abs in minimum time. Just don’t forget to watch what you eat – turbo charge your fat burning and weight loss by eating fat burning fruits and foods that burn fat.

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