If you’ve been having a look at all the weight loss diet programs out on the market that promise rapid weight loss results, there’s no question that you’ve come across one or two different fasting approaches.

Fasting is rapidly gaining in popularity as more and more people are becoming interested in what it has to offer. Whether they are turning to it for the cleansing benefits it claims to provide or they like the simplicity of not having to worry about constant meal prep every single day of the week, fasting proves to be highly advantageous.

But, before you dive in and start your own fasting regime, it’s important to understand a few of the common fasting methods so you can determine which one is right for you.

Fasting can help you burn belly fat and get a flat stomach

Let’s have a closer look at the types of fasting that you could choose to use. Make sure you always check with your doctor before starting any type of fasting program to ensure you’re not at risk for any potential health concerns.

Water Fasting

One of the most simplistic fasting protocols is simply to consume nothing but water all day long. Obviously this is going to be a very rapid approach to weight loss, but you should note that it doesn’t come without plenty of drawbacks.

First, due to the lack of any calorie intake, if you carry this out for more than a day or two, your metabolism is going to seriously slow down. Secondly, since you aren’t consuming any protein for nourishment, muscle mass loss will be incredibly high on a pure fasting diet.

Finally, energy levels are going to plummet when on a water fast for any longer than a day, so you really must restrict yourself to doing this on an every other day basis if you are in fact going to use this approach.

Intermittent Fasting

The second type of fasting that’s incredibly hot right now is intermittent fasting. With this method you only eat for certain designated hours out of the day, usually spanning over an 8 hour time period.

The plus to this set-up is that when you do get to eat, you get to consume much higher calorie meals, so you do away with the deprivation that’s felt on most standard dieting programs.

In addition to this, most people find they have greater mental clarity and focus during the fasting hours, so productivity might just go up.

Finally, you won’t have to worry about meal planning during your busiest hours in the day (most will fast through the daytime hours), so this frees up plenty of time to do other actives. This one is very beneficial for breaking down fat cells and using it for energy while maintaining stable blood sugar levels while still taking in proper nutrition.

Honey, Lemon And Water Fast

The honey, lemon and water fast requires combing honey and lemon in a glass of water and drinking this multiple times per day. Again, you won’t be taking in protein or other nutrients so will run the risk of long-term nutrient deficiencies if it’s carried out long enough, but this fast does help to detoxify the body, so over the short term can be quite beneficial.

Juice Fasting

One step up from the honey, lemon, and water fast is juice fasting. This one is slightly better due to the fact you will get more calorie support, so good for those who are worried about low energy levels. You still won’t be taking any protein though, so should not be carried out for more than three to four days.

You will get plenty of antioxidants through the high intake of fresh fat burning fruits and vegetables (use a juicer to prepare juice from these) so this is one of the healthier fasting methods to choose from.

The Fruits And Vegetables Fast

Much like the juice fast, the fruits and vegetables fast follows similar protocols only now you’re allowed to eat fruits and vegetables whole. This fast is aimed to help to promote better elimination in the body, as well as provide plenty of detoxification and antioxidant support.

Most people find they feel highly energized after 2-3 days on this fasting protocol, but past that point you will need to consume some protein in the diet.

Consume Less Food

Finally the last fast isn’t necessary a fast per say, but rather an active effort to consume fewer calories. This approach focuses on stopping eating when you’re still a little hungry, which helps ensure the body absorbs your meal properly at all times. Overeating can be incredibly taxing on your system and cause high levels of fatigue, so by stopping before you’re fully satisfied, you help to prevent this.

Some research also suggests that minor long-term calorie restriction can also increase the lifespan, so eating slightly fewer calories than you need can promote that benefit as well.

So there you have the main methods of fasting that you can consider. Most fasts, with the exception of intermittent fasting where you do take in a full calorie intake for each day, should not be used as a long-term weight loss strategy but rather as a quick approach to jump-start fat loss and promote a healthier body.

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