1. Acne: Healing packs made out of grated cucumber, oatmeal cooked in milk, and cooked creamed carrots used externally have been found to be effective. Juice of raw potatoes helps in clearing skin blemishes.
  2. Allergies: Use of 5 drops of castor oil in water taken on empty stomach in the morning is beneficial for allergies of intestinal tract, skin and nasal passage.
  3. Asthma: Constriction of bronchial tubes could be eased by eating onions.
  4. Anorexia Nervosa – loss of appetite resulting from nervous anxiety: Orange raw or juice supplies nutrition in a most easily assimilable form and gives rest to the stomach. It also stimulates flow of digestive juice that improves digestion and increases appetite. It also creates condition for development of friendly bacteria in the intestine.
  5. Arthritis: Most effective home remedy for Arthritis is lemon peel. It is one of the richest known natural source of vitamin P. It strengthens the entire arterial system. Shredded lemon peel can be taken with soups and stews.
  6. Blood Sugar Imbalance: The chromium in broccoli and peanuts are helpful in regulating insulin and blood sugar.
  7. Cold: Lime is the most important home remedy for cold. Vitamin C rich lime juice increases resistance and decreases toxicity. Garlic is another ancient remedy that reduces severity of cold. It contains antiseptic and antispasmodic properties besides lot of other medicinal virtues.
  8. Cough: Grapes is one of the most beneficial home remedy for cough. It tones up lungs and acts as expectorant. Almonds (dry cough), root of turmeric plant and onion are other natural remedies which are quite valuable for cough and related ailments.
  9. Constipation: Pears and grapes are considered as best fruit in treatment of constipation. Guava eaten with seeds is also valuable for medium to severe constipation problems.
  10. Headaches: Fish, fish oil and ginger reduces headaches, inflammation and pain.
  11. High Blood Pressure: Olive Oil and celery are great for high blood pressure patients. Olive oil and celery contains chemicals that lower pressure.
  12. Insomnia: If you are not getting enough sleep or suffering from Insomnia then a teaspoon of Honey helps as honey has great tranquilizer and sedative properties.
  13. Memory Problems: Oysters supplies zinc which helps to improve mental functioning.
  14. Stomach Upset: Carrot soup is an effective remedy for stomach upset. It supplies water to combat dehydration, replenishes sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur and magnesium. It supplies pectin and coats intestine to allay inflammation.
  15. Strokes/Heart Diseases: Tea is a great beverage that helps in preventing buildup of fatty deposits on artery walls.

Note: These tips are not intended to be and do not constitute medical advice – if you’re suffering with symptoms that persist, you should seek immediate help from your family doctor or other medical professional.

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