This is a popular topic because it’s such a huge issue for both men and women. It also happens to be where the most dangerous type of fat is stored and how we determine our risk for heart related illnesses.

In addition to all of that, let’s face the facts that for vanity reasons alone, everyone wants a slim mid-section. In this article, I will share some effective methods to lose stomach fat, but before I tell you what does work, let me tell you what doesn’t.

You cannot spot reduce fat

Regardless of how many abdominal exercises you do, it won’t burn belly fat. The body stores fat where it wants to and we really have no control over this. Body type plays a role since android (apple) shaped body types tend to carry excess weight around the middle as opposed to gynoid (pear) shaped bodies. Otherwise, to effectively lose fat whether it’s in your stomach or any other area, your best bet is to follow these suggestions.

Create a Sensible Eating Plan You Can Stick With

The ONLY way to make permanent changes to your “diet” is to take some time and figure out who you are, what makes you tick and what realistic eating plan you can stick with.

While some people have found success by completely revamping their lives and going to the other extreme in regard to nutrition (ex. burger lovers going vegan), unless you are extremely motivated and this means life or death for you, then the chance that you will maintain any extreme lifestyle alteration is slim.

Do some research as to what’s out there before making any decisions about which plan to go with and ask yourself if it’s something you can see yourself doing for life. Make sure you keep your blood sugar stable since allowing your glucose levels to run too low can cause your body to store fat.

Eat whole foods instead of the processed garbage that would maintain its form if left sitting on a shelf for six months and make sure you get a good variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.

Tip 2 – Make Full Body Strength Training a Regular Part of Your Life

When you work out, you want to feel as though you’ve had your butt kicked! At the end of your session, you aren’t supposed to be cute and comfortable. You want to feel worn out. This is how you connect to the process of getting fit and this makes you feel empowered.

Full body strength training routines force you to not only focus on the work you are doing, but combining muscle groups offers immense rewards in return for your time.

The more muscles that come into play, the more calories you burn. The more muscle you create, the more calories you burn at rest because muscle requires energy to maintain its form.

You can reduce belly fat while working other areas of the body

Your core works to help support many full body movements, so you could shape up your mid-section while working several other areas of the body.

While you cannot spot train fat away, what you can do is shape and strengthen the abdominals so that once the fat melts away from the other beneficial activities you are engaged in, you will have definition and tone underneath to show for your hard work.

Just for fun though, here are two abdominal exercises you can do with a Medicine Ball that will work your ENTIRE mid-section.

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