Phosphorus was isolated as a specific and separate element in 1669, by a German alchemist named Hennig Brand, and is found in all living cells. An integral part of life and health, this mineral element is essential to the structure and function of much of the body.

The mineral phosphorus is best known as a nutrient for its role in the creation of bones and teeth. It helps the body to absorb and make use of calcium, and with the mineral magnesium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C, it serves in the formation of the hard surfaces of the bones and teeth.

It also has a role in the working of the body’s muscular system and thus, is important to the beating of the heart. It is specifically associated with the smooth and regular contraction of the body’s muscles, as well as with the health of the nerves and their ability to communicate.

In addition to being an important facet in the nerves of the body, phosphorus also is essential to the correct formation of cell membranes and the proper creation of genetic material.

Phosphorus works with the vitamins that make up powerful group known as the Vitamin B complex in the transformation of nutrients to energy. In fact, thiamin, or Vitamin B1, cannot be used by the body without the presence of phosphorus, which means that this mineral also has a role in the health of the digestive system, as well as in that of the nervous system.

It also serves in the regulation of kidney function and helps to keep the body’s PH levels where they should be. Iodine and zinc, which both play an important role in the maturation and function of the reproductive system need phosphorus in order to be properly utilized by the body.

Because of its role in the health and functioning of so many of the body’s most important systems, a deficiency in phosphorus can have a broad range of negative effects on the health of mind and body.

Symptoms of phosphorus deficiency include retarded growth in children, poor formation of teeth and bones which can lead to bone pain and fragility, joint stiffness and pain, irregular breathing patterns, weight problems, weakness and numbness of limbs. Mental symptoms include anxiety, fearfulness, irritability and anorexia.

Dedicated attention to proper nutrition is one of the most important things you can do for the overall health and well being of your mind and body. The functioning of the body and the mind, including cognitive function and emotional stability, is based upon numerous chemical reactions and interaction in the body.

These chemicals depend a great deal on the nutrients you consume, and the balance of these many chemicals and substances is very delicate. Optimum performance of body and mind depends on this balance being maintained.

Nutritional supplements can provide a safe and reliable means of ensuring that this delicate balance is maintained and that the body has the nutrients it needs to carryout the many complex chemical functions that result in the health and proper functioning of the body and the mind.

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