Vitamin K is among the less well known of the vitamins that are essential parts of a healthy diet. Vitamin K serves many important purposes in the body, and attention to ingesting the recommended daily intake levels is necessary to the overall health of the body.

In addition to the benefits to physical health, Vitamin K has also been found to have cosmetic benefits as well.

One of the most important purposes that Vitamin K serves in the body is the control of blood clotting. In fact, it plays a significant role in the production of thrombin, which is one of the most important of the bodily substances related to blood clotting.

Deficiencies can cause frequent nosebleeds and internal bleeding. A deficiency in Vitamin K is particularly serious for infants, especially those who are born prematurely, as it can contribute bleeding in the brain.

Vitamin K is also important to the health of the bones. It is involved both in their formation and in the repair of bones that are fractured or otherwise damaged. Recent studies have found that Vitamin K may help to prevent or at least decrease the severity of osteoporosis and other bone diseases that cause what is called slow bone loss.

There are a variety of other physical benefits attributed to Vitamin K. It is important to the proper growth and development of babies in the uterus. There are very specific birth defects that are associated with Vitamin K deficiency. These include flat nasal bridges, cupped ears, shortened fingers and underdevelopment of the nose, mouth and the middle area of the face.

However, with that said, it is important to remember that high levels of Vitamin K should be avoided during the last trimester of pregnancy because, as with all dietary supplements and medications, too much can be dangerous for the baby.

You should always discuss each and every dietary supplement you take during your pregnancy with your healthcare provider, even if it is something you’ve been taking for years and is a substance you know well.

There are a variety of prescription medications that can interfere with absorption or the body’s ability to use Vitamin K. In fact, high doses of certain vitamins and minerals can do the same. It is important, then, to discuss your supplement plan with a licensed nutritionist and, if you are taking prescription medications, with your health care provider. Vitamin K is very important to the body and must not be neglected or used incorrectly.

The cosmetic uses of Vitamin K include success in treating those dark circles under the eyes. Because of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, research has found Vitamin K to be useful in combating the visual signs of the aging of the skin.

Using dietary supplements that contain Vitamin K can be a safe and secure means of making sure that the body meets the daily intake requirements for this essential vitamin, provided that dosage instructions are followed carefully.

This is especially important during pregnancy, for although Vitamin K plays a vital role in the normal growth and development of the baby during pregnancy, too much can be toxic.

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