This is a guest post by Jennifer W.

“I was surprised when I lost 25 lbs – but once I lost 44 lbs, I was blown away! Now I know how all the stars drop weight and stay slim so easily!”

My name is Jennifer. I live in Wisconsin with my 3 kids and a wonderful husband. I lost 44 lbs and turned my life around using a diet method I discovered after years of trying. Read my story to learn how I did it.

I wrote this piece because I understand the unhappiness that comes from being overweight and the total bliss that comes from being in the best shape of your life. I want other women to know how I sank to the bottom and made it all the way back to the top.

If you want the short version, I found a natural, healthy fat burning diet supplement that I’ve become completely addicted to (in a good way!). I love it because:

– IT HELPS YOU LOSE A TON OF WEIGHT, all in a healthy way.
– It doesn’t cost a fortune.
– It burns fat, suppresses your appetite in a healthy way and it gives you healthy energy instead of the jitters.

OK, so the little weight loss miracle I finally found is called Pure Forskolin and you can try it out for yourself safely, as they have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

But first, read about how it saved me:

OK, so I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I was my very heaviest about 8 weeks ago. I had been really busy, was having a bad time with work and had some friendship problems which got me stressed out, upset and feeling really tired and down.

As I started gaining weight I was feeling more depressed about it, and my self-esteem started to suffer. I couldn’t get into clothes that used to fit me and look good and I didn’t want to go out anywhere – I just felt ashamed and disgusting.

All I wanted to do was stay home, sit on the couch and ‘comfort eat’ – which of course just made everything worse. My relationship with my husband was suffering, I was in a bad circle with no way out.

I wasn’t doing any exercise and I definitely wasn’t watching what I was eating or sleeping properly. I went from my already overweight 169 lbs to my much heavier 195 lbs weight.

This is a before and after of the 44 lbs pounds that I’ve lost. I was even a bit bigger before this, but this picture shows my dramatic loss of love handles and belly fat in the last few weeks:
I Lost 44 lbs of FAT In 3 Months… Learn How You Can Too! 1
This is me and how big I got :( and This is me now, 44lbs later! :)

All my friends were too scared to say anything to me about what I was doing, but I know they wanted to intervene and help me. I was feeling too ashamed of myself to talk to them about the place I was in.

Through a weight loss group on Facebook, I stumbled across a natural fat burner called Pure Forskolin that you just take a couple times a day. Now, I had tried so many other diet products and plans before that I was so skeptical to try yet another one.

You know how they all say they’re going to work but sometimes they just don’t? I tried all the “brand-name” diets like Atkins, South Beach, cabbage (my least favorite), soup, lemon juice. You name it, I tried it. I decided to give Pure Forskolin a chance though because:

– It gives you healthy energy instead of the jitters.
– Its all-natural not some nasty chemical prescription pill with terrible side effects.
– It doesn’t cost a fortune (like a cup of coffee a day) and there’s a 60 day money-back guarantee so you’re safe.
– It suppresses your appetite in a healthy way and…
– IT HELPS YOU LOSE A TON OF WEIGHT, all in a healthy way.

The low price for what it does, and the company offering a money back guarantee is what really sold me so I placed my order and I got the best diet product I’ve ever tried.

My results? I’ve lost the 25 lbs. I had put on and I keep getting thinner – I’ve lost 44 lbs in total now and feel a-mazing! My husband is so proud of what I’ve accomplished and I have more energy to do fun activities with the kids. But best of all, I look and feel sexier than I did in my twenties!

My self confidence has come back, and I have so much more energy now instead of feeling so tired and down all the time. I’ve changed the way I eat a little bit as well to be healthier, but not even that much. Anyway, check it out if you’re interested.

I really hope you reach your fitness goals and get the slim, healthy body you’re searching for. Remember to never give up :)

Good Luck!

– Jennifer

PS – Here’s my 6 Healthiest Tips to Help You Stay In Shape! These simple rules have also helped me in my weight loss.

6 Healthy Tips to Stay in Shape:

1. Portion control! There is no reason to pile food on your plate! Just take a reasonable amount, and you should be good! Overeating is a huge problem in America because we don’t know when to stop!

2. Eat slowly. I know when you are really hungry that can be hard, but if you take time and chew everything slowly, you are less likely to overeat. How crazy is that? Just slow down, and enjoy the food.

3. If you don’t like the food, don’t eat it. I know that sounds silly, but we tend to just eat whatever is in front of us, whenever it is there. But if you only eat what you really like, that will also cut down on your food intake.

4. Don’t park close to the store. I know everyone wants the “prime” parking places, but it won’t kill you to walk the extra few hundred feet from the car to the store.

5. Switch it up! Don’t eat the same thing every week. Variety is the spice of life, and trying new things is good for your digestion as well!

6. Eat as much fresh food as possible. I know its tough sometimes, but be sure you aren’t always eating packaged food. They tend to have much higher amounts of sodium and other bad things for you.

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