Below is the Natural Vitamin Sources Chart for Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Others.

For individual item covering nearly all of the products, Please Visit United States Department For Agriculture and Nutrition Site. They have Nutrient Tool which retrieves the Nutrient Data. You can access that tool here.

Vitamins Fruit Sources Vegetable Sources Nut Sources Other Sources
Vitamin A-Retinol,Bets-Carotene and Alpha-carotene are all versions of Vitamin A. Tomatoes Cantaloupes Watermelon Peaches Kiwi Oranges and Blackberries Sweet potato Carrots Spinach Broccoli Avocado Peas Asparagus Squash – summer Green Pepper and Kale Pistachios Pumpkin Seeds Sunflower- Seeds Chestnuts Pecans HazelNuts Pine Nuts and Almonds Cod-liver oil liver Kidney Milk products Butter and Yolk
Vitamin B1
Watermelon Peas and Avocado No nuts contain a significant amount of vitamin B1. Wheat germs Wholemeal Cereals Peas Heart Pork Barm Oatmeal liver and brown rice
Vitamin B2
Kiwi Avacado No nuts contain a significant amount of vitamin B1.
Vitamin B3
Watermelon Peaches Kiwi Tomotoes Bananas and Cantaloupe Avocado Peas Potatoes Mushrooms Squash- Winter Corn Artichoke Asparagus Squash – summer Lima Beans Sweet potato Kale Broccoli Carrots and Green Pepper Peanuts Pine Nuts Chestnuts and Almonds Barm Liver Poultry and Fish
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Bananas and Oranges Potatoes Artichoke Sweet potato Corn Avocado Squash- Winter Lima Beans Mushrooms Carrots Broccoli and Cauliflower No nuts contain a significant amount of vitamin B5. Liver Wheat germs Crabs Meat Sunflower- cores and Pumpernickel
Vitamin B6
Watermelon and Bananas Avocado Potatoes Peas and Carrots No nuts contain a significant amount of vitamin B6. wholemeal- products Yeast and Liver
Vitamin B9
(Folic Acid)
Kiwi Bananas Oranges Blackberries Strawberries Cantaloupe and Tomotoes Lima Beans Onions Carrots Green Pepper Spinach Asparagus Peas Squash-Summer Broccoli Kale Artichoke and Corn Peanuts Macadamias Pecans Walnuts Sunflower- Seeds Almonds Brazil Nuts Chestnuts Pumpkin Seeds Pine Nuts Pistachios Hazelnuts and Cashews Liver Wheat germs Cucurbit and Champignons
Vitamin B12 None None None Liver Milk Yolk Fish Meat Oysters Quark and Barm
Vitamin C
(Ascorbic Acid)
Kiwi Apples Lime Grapes Bananas Strawberry Blackberries Orange Peach Cantaloupe Lemon Watermelon and Blackcurrants Artichoke Broccoli Sweet Potato Kale Onions Spinach Squash-Winter Lima Beans Carrots Avocado Cauliflower Cucumber Green Pepper Mushrooms Squash-Summer and Corn No nuts contain a significant amount of vitamin C. Dogroses Sea buckthorn Paprika and Collard
Vitamin D
None Mushrooms Avocado No nuts contain a significant amount of vitamin C Cod-liver oil Liver Milk Yolk Butter Sea fish Herring and Champignons
Vitamin E
Bananas Blackberries Kiwis and Apples Avocado Almonds Pine Pignolias Cashews and Chestnuts Soja Wheat germ -oil Flaxseed Salsify Peperoni and Collard
Vitamin K
Tomatoes Broccoli Kale and Spinach Pine Chestnuts Cashews and Hazelnuts Eggs Liver Green collard Bulbs Oatmeal and cress
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