Coronavirus – What We Know So Far About COVID-19

Facts & Common Questions About Coronavirus For Concerned Citizens, by a Concerned Citizen.
Coronavirus is all over the tv, internet and newspapers – but what is it exactly? How is it transmitted? What does it do to you? Should you be worried? Is there a cure or vaccine? How can you protect yourself from becoming infected?

There are more questions than answers and a huge amount of hype and fear currently as we know little about the disease that is sweeping China and spreading rapidly around our small world. It’s important to learn as much as we can as individuals, to be able to make our own minds up rather than rely on the media who tend to veer to the side of panic, rather than straight up objective information.

I thought it would be very useful for myself, my family and others around the world to have a simple book detailing what we know so far about Coronavirus Covid-19 – so I have assembled reliable information from the WHO and CDC as well as other international resources to detail what Corona Virus is, how it spreads, who is most at risk and the answers to a whole range of common questions.

Download your Coronavirus information book instantly
Download your Coronavirus information book instantly

This ebook and the factual information it contains could save your life – my hope is that it at least leaves you better informed, and better placed to make decisions!
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