7 Day detox diet pill review

The 7 Day Detox challenges you to beat the current alleged world record of 24 pounds lost in a week. Priced modestly at around $15 for a two week supply and promises to detoxify and sculpt your body.

The maker of the 7 Day Detox Weight Loss adds that this is a perfect solution for people who need to fit into clothing for a specific special event like a wedding.

Our 7 Day Detox review reveals whether the 7 Day Detox supplement help you lose weight fast as well as detox!

What is 7 Day Detox?

This product contains several different ingredients, most of which are botanical extracts. It also contains caffeine, fiber, chromium and potassium. The manufacturer describes the rationale behind the combination of ingredients by identifying the digestive processes and how each ingredient enhances it.

The 7 Day Detox Plan is said to help people lose an average of 7 pounds in a week but it is marketed more as a detoxifying system rather than a weight loss product.

7 Day Detox side effects

Several side effects can be expected when taking this product, including gas, bloating, digestive upset and unstable blood sugar levels.

The 7 Day Detox also contains ingredients that can prevent important nutrients and medications from being absorbed properly. Most importantly to point out is the fact that quick diet plans and products like 7 Day Detox and 7 Day Fat Burner produce weight loss that is not healthy.

Should you buy 7 Day Detox?

Losing a large amount of weight quickly has been found time and again not to be permanent and is water loss, not fat loss. Using a product like 7 Day Detox can cause you to become dehydrated and lightheaded, making it impossible for you to enjoy that special event for which you lost the weight.

Rather than spending your money on a quick weight loss scheme, why not use something that will help you lose weight safely and permanently?

There are more clinically proven supplements available that promote steady weight loss that will stay off along with anti-oxidant properties. The most popular are those made from acai berries or more recently maqui berries.

We do not recommend this product.

Our rating:

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Written By: Sarah Byers

Sarah Byers is a freelance diet and weight loss writer living in sunny California. She loves writing, spending time with her family, cooking and eating delicious healthy foods. Read More Articles by Sarah Byers

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