72 Hour Diet Pill review

The 72 Hour Diet Pill makes some very strong claims indeed – like guaranteeing losing 12lbs within the first 72 hours!

Whats even more surprising is the price – $10 per bottle!

So can a diet pill help you temporarily lose a handful of pounds in a few days? We take a look to see if 72 Hour Diet Pill is likely to work for you.

What is the 72 Hour Diet Pill?

72 Hour Diet Pill is a fat burner that contains a number of ingredients that work to increase energy, helping you to burn more calories.

Some of the ingredients (Buchu Leaves, Uva Ursi and Caffeine) work as a diuretic (increases the rate of you going to the toilet) so you are likely to lose some of the weight due to fluid loss – not exactly the weight loss you are looking for!

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72 Hour Diet Pill Side Effects

Whilst none of the ingredients in isolation are unlikely to cause and side effects, taking 72 Hour Diet Pill may cause increased trips to the toilet due to its diuretic effects.

72 Hour Diet Pill Realistic Weight Loss?

Having decided on a fat burner you need a product you can trust, one that makes realistic claims, meaning you will reach your desired weight.

It would seem that the 72 Hour Diet Pill is targeted towards quick fix weight loss (maybe through increased trips to the toilet!), losing almost one stone within 3 days is not sustainable and is potential unhealthy. Weight loss of between 1-5lbs is the generally recommended safe amount to lose per week.

Alternative fat burners that are clinically proven and safe are available that can help you with long-term weight loss, so you can look and feel good longer.

We do not recommend the 72 Hour Diet Pill.

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Written By: Mike Harley

Mike Harley has been a health & weight loss writer for over 15 years - dedicated to helping you burn your belly fat, lose weight and improve your health with simple exercise and healthy eating. Read More Articles by Mike Harley

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