Lipofuze Review

Lipofuze diet pill review

Lipofuze contains six patented and four other ingredients that supposedly are able to increase your metabolism, suppress your appetite and increase the amount of fat burning enzymes in your body.

The manufacturer claims that Lipofuze has the capacity to prevent your body from entering starvation mode, which usually occurs in response to dieting and prevents fat loss.

A month’s supply of this product costs approximately $50 – is Lipofuze the answer to your weight loss dreams?

What is Lipofuze?

Regardless of the suggestions that the ingredients with patented names are not found in any other product, Lipofuze’s ingredients are commonly used and include caffeine, green tea extract and a variety of botanical extracts.

The most prevalent ingredients are naturally occurring stimulants which comprise most of the product and are likely responsible for the short lived increase in metabolic rate.

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Lipofuze side effects

The unfortunate fact is that the increased metabolism will only occur initially and you would require increasing doses of Lipofuze in order to maintain this effect. Even at normal dosage, Lipofuze has an extraordinarily high stimulant content and should not be taken if you have any preexisting health problems.

Lipofuze also contains ingredients that can alter thyroid hormone levels and can actually create a dangerous imbalance in people who don’t have a previous history of thyroid disease.

Does Lipofuze work?

The best case scenario in using Lipofuze would be that you would lose a few pounds of water weightand have more energy for a few days. Once that effect subsides however, your body will revert back to it’s normal metabolic rate and the results will cease.

In a worst case scenario on the other hand, you could become very ill from taking Lipofuze, due to side effects from one or all of the ingredients. You truly have to weigh whether it’s worth taking this type of product considering the risks involved.

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