Reductil Diet Pill Review

Reductil diet pill review

Reductil is a prescription only drug that works by suppressing your appetite.

As a prescription-only drug, Reductil is recommended by doctors for people who are overweight or obese, that is they have a BMI of 27 or over, and are aged between 19-64 years old.

How does Reductil work?

Reductil works by enhancing the feeling of fulfilment from eating, and so makes you feel satisfied after eating less food. This diet pill also combats the problem of dropping basal metabolic rate that can often accompany reduction in calorie intake.

Scientific studies have shown that Reductil can help people to lose weight and to maintain their weight loss.

Reductil side effects

Reductil can cause some side effects, the most common side effects being a loss of appetite, constipation, dry mouth and problems sleeping.

You should stop taking Reductil and talk to your doctor straight away if you suffer other side effects like if you get breathing problems, chest pains or swollen ankles.

Appetite suppressants that contain only natural ingredients, such as Hoodia Gordonii, provide a much preferred and side-effect free way of reducing your appetite.

Reductil for Weight Loss?

The main ingredient in Reductil is Sibutramine, a substance that has a number of side effects, some of which are quite worrying. Some people have experienced increases in blood pressure and pulse.

Reductil is a prescription only diet pill so we would suggest looking at other proven over-counter appetite suppressants. These safe alternatives tend to use completely natural ingredients, mostly using the popular hoodia plant, and can be for prolonged use.

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