Relacore Review

Relacore diet pill review

Relacore, a weight loss supplement, approaches losing weight in a way that is unique from many supplements.

Rather than focusing on appetite suppression and building energy levels with large amounts of caffeine, Relacore contains ingredients that allegedly reduce stress levels in the body.

Scientifically, high stress causes the body to release excess amounts of the hormone cortisol, which has the physical result of fat storage around the middle.

We review Relacore to see if their unique approach of stress-reducing weight loss will likely work for you.

Relacore Ingredients

Relacore’s ingredients include chromium, vitamin b6, magnesium and a “proprietary blend” containing Coenzyme Q10 and plant-based extracts. Interestingly, none of the ingredients in Relacore have stimulant properties.

Relacore Side-effects

Despite the fact that this product does not rely on caffeine, other ingredients in it may cause unwanted side effects. The main botanical ingredient, ashwagandha, has been found to have negative effects on the heart and adrenal glands when taken in high doses. It can also overstimulate the thyroid gland in some individuals, causing hyperthyroidism.

Magnolia bark, the other active botanical in Relacore, has a history of controversial side effects, including renal failure and potential toxicity. Apparently, it also requires a high dosage in order to have an effect on stress and anxiety, contraindicating it’s purpose in this product.

Relacore has significant potential for side effects, despite it’s unique approach. So even though Cortisol has indeed been found to cause excess storage of belly fat, there is no evidence that that ingredients in Relacore can reduce stress or cortisol release.

Scientific research has shown that reducing stress by using cognitive behavioral techniques provides more enduring results. Much like using common pharmaceutical approaches to anxiety and stress, the core problem is not addressed by taking a dietary supplement.

We do not like that no scientific evidence is provided by the manufacturer regarding the efficacy of Relacore and the only statement regarding the FDA is that it has not approved this product. Any reviews by people who have purchased the product are referred to vaguely, with no actual quotes or photographic evidence.

So in our opinion it is questionable whether any of the claims regarding Relacore are factual, when not presented with scientific evidence.

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