Smart Burn Hoodia Review

Smart burn hoodia diet pill review

Many weight loss products contain hoodia, a popular supplement that has shown significant promise in helping suppress appetite.

Smart Burn Hoodia is one such product that claims to be one of the strongest weight loss supplements available. The manufacturer also claims Smart Burn is different, due to the proprietary blend of ingredients it contains.

Are the ingredients that different and is this supplement really the strongest? Two questions we look to answer in our Smart Burn review.

What is Smart Burn with Hoodia

Do not let the proprietary claim is made to distract you, the consumer, from the facts about Smart Burn Hoodia.

The ingredients themselves are commonly found in many weight loss products. They include a variety of botanicals, green tea, chromium and vitamins, none of which are unique. The proprietary label actually refers to the names that the manufacturer has patented and the combination of the ingredients in specific amounts.

Smart Burn side effects

Several of the ingredients in Smart Burn pose significant health risks. Two of the extracts, Citrimax and Gymnema sylvestre, can adversely effect blood sugar levels and may cause kidney damage if taken for long periods of time. In addition, Rhodiola rosea extract, although not an official stimulant, can cause sleep disruption and mood swings in sensitive people.

You should not take this product if you have any preexisting health problems or are taking prescription medications.

Does Smart Burn work

The other question that comes to mind regarding this product is whether it is effective in helping you lose weight. Aside from hoodia, which actually appears only in small, rather insignificant amounts, Smart Burn is a collection of ingredients with little scientific support for their effectiveness.

At approximately $50 for a month’s supply of capsules, this is an expensive way to spend money unnecessarily. At the very least, you would expect to lose weight however any weight lost in the initial weeks of taking this product to be attributed to water loss.

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