Beverly Hills Diet

Usually, the manner in which each dieter learns about a diet and him or herself is through the presentation of charts with food substances as well as their calorie content. In view of this, one can learn a great deal about which foods are nutrition’s and suitable for him of her. One can also learn about which food substances are most feasible for consumption based on the calorie content of each. In the absence of these guidelines, a dieter could find it extremely difficult searching for the right balance in a diet.

The primary concept in dieting is to curb food intake with high calories. Along with this, in some diets, exercise may be integral. However, there are several diets that do not require exercise as they rely heavily on curbing consumption of high-calorie foods. No different is the Beverly Hills Diet, as this relies on similar principles.

However, it is considered to be an unorthodox form of diet. This is because of the theory that lies behind it, which describes the role of enzymes in a different manner. It must be asserted that in the theory enzymes are believed to have the same function for digesting food substances, but it is their original locations that differ here.

The chief promoter of the Beverly Hills Theory, Judy Mazel asserts that enzymes unlike conventional belief are not situated within one’s body; they are located within the food substances humans consume. It is because of this that the theory holds that only the enzymes located in the food one consumes can digest the same food substance.

Clearly, this is opposed to conventional scientific thought, and for this reason it is considered to be an assumption on the part of all those who believe in the underlying theory of the Beverly Hills Diet. In addition to this, the theory also suggests that all undigested food in the body results in a build up fat that causes excess weight. This too is in contrast to what has been discovered scientifically because whatever is not digested passes out as waste and cannot be used in the body.

Though these views on digestion are unusual and may not even be true, this diet works for those who pursue it and adjust to it. It is a diet that cannot be followed by most people because it might be too demanding. This is because of the fact that it can demand a dieter to eat as little as one meal a day consisting of only one food substance. This means that an individual may get tired of the monotony of eating the same thing through out the day. Many people require more than one type of food in a day and cannot adhere to it. hence, there are a number of people who will not be able to stick to the Beverly Hills Diet life long.

Another important feature to note about the Beverly Hills Diet is that it relies heavily on an intake of fat burning fruits, and seeks to avoid intake of carbohydrates and protein. This is so that all that is consumed will be digested, as carbohydrates and proteins as opposed to fruits would take longer to be digested. However, one must consider the problem of consuming fruits all the time; many would get tired of it easily.

The diet allows one to consume proteins and carbohydrates in addition to fruits after every four days. This allows a balance to the diet, but the problem is that in the long run a balance cannot be maintained. This is because of the fact that there are great restriction on the amount of protein and carbohydrates allowed. One would apparently lose weight through the diet, but not be able to sustain good health and strength because of this. More specifically put, protein, fat, iron, zinc, vitamin B-12, calcium and important fatty acids are not adequate in the diet.

In addition to this, one can also say that the diet does not really teach one how to eat properly for lasting periods. Instead the stop and start method that it employs does not allow one to settle into a life long pattern of healthy food consumption. In addition to the disadvantages mentioned, it also must be asserted that combining of foods that burn fat is a main part of the Beverly Hills Diet.

In view of this, one must remember that it is not considered a satisfactory method of attaining a healthy balance. Most dieticians disagree with this method, as it does not help achieve the appropriate quantities of food one should consume.

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