Grapefruit Diet is now a common diet which is being tried all over the globe. It dates back to the ancient times of metal age when cultivation began. Basically it is a fruit grown in trees which are 5-6 m in height. The fruit itself is yellow in color and has a size of approximately 10-15 cm in diameter. There are other types of grapefruit as well which are white grapefruit and another one which is red in color.

The fruit, grapefruit has glucose in it which helps in fighting diabetes. What happens in diabetes is that the content of sugar rises in the body to such a level that it starts traveling with the blood. The only thing that lowers the sugar content in our body is glucose infact insulin. Many doctors therefore advice patients suffering with diabetes to adopt Grapefruit Diet.

Not only this, the Grapefruit Diet also helps in losing weight. A person usually gets fat when the body cannot digest all the food, thus the food starts to form lumps in our body. In our dictionary when these lumps start to hang out a person becomes fat. But in a scientific dictionary a person becomes fat as soon as the digestive system cannot digest all the food and leaves out some of the food in the human body. The Grapefruit Diet encourages weight loss so having a grapefruit after a meal helps in digesting the food. The insulin present in grapefruit speeds up the human metabolism rate which turns the food into energy not allowing the body to store fat.

Researchers have still not termed it safe but according to some having a natural fruit can never effect a person therefore it is a safe fruit. But on the other hand some researchers believe that on a long term basis it is harmful as people would gain back the weight they have lost. The counter argument is however that no natural fruit is harmful for humans and secondly after leaving any diet plan the person gains back his weight.

In theGrapefruit Diet, the dieters are required to have a glass of grapefruit after every meal or half of the grapefruit. The exact diet plan of a grapefruit diet is as follows:

In breakfast the person can have two eggs only the white yolk along with two slices of bacon. The person however must have half a grapefruit or 8oz of unsweetened juice. The juice is equal to half a grapefruit. The person may also have black coffee or tea but with out sugar or milk.

In lunch the person can have salad any style and any dressing along with red meat cooked in any style. The person in lunch also needs to have half a grapefruit or 8oz of unsweetened juice.

In dinner the person can have meat cooked in any way along with vegetables cooked in any style or used in salads or anything. The person in dinner too has to have half a grapefruit or 8oz of unsweetened juice. The person can also have tea or coffee wit no milk and sugar.

In the Grapefruit Diet the person also has an 8oz of tomato juice or skim milk before going to bed.

Not only this, the person following this diet should know the instructions of this diet so that he can fully benefit from it. The additional instructions of Grapefruit Diet are as follows:

The person should know that he can eat as much as he want until he gets stuffed up. The minimum diet is this; the person can have more than the above diet.

The person should not eat between meals as this would upset the whole diet. In fact if the person has this diet he won’t feel hungry in between the meals. The person should know that he is not to eat desserts, breads or white vegetables of sweet potato.

The main thing that the person should know is that he should have at least 8oz of water which is about ½ a gallon. Water fills up the appetite, having so much water will not make people hungry.

The most important point is that the person won’t lose weight during the first four days. However he will lose five pounds on the 5th day. After which he can lose 1-2 pounds everyday.

Like in every other diet exercise is really important part of the diet. A person should exercise regularly.

This means that a person following the Grapefruit Diet can have almost everything that he still has, but with a grapefruit. So what are you waiting for, if you want to lose weight go and start following the Grapefruit Diet so that you can have what u always dreamed to during dieting.

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