Ginger – Herbs For Alternative Medicine


Ginger is widely used in all Asian cooking. There are more than 80 species of ginger. The ginger root was originally thought of as a digestive aid. Its active constituents are gingerols, zingiberene, and shogoals in the dried form-so dried ginger is much more pungent than the fresh root.

Claims and Common Uses:

  • Valuable in the treatment and prevention of nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, menstrual cramps, motion sickness, morning sickness, postoperative sickness and digestive disorders
  • Effective in cleansing the colon and relieving excess gas
  • Promotes the relief of colds, flu, and coughs
  • Shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory for treatment of arthritis
  • Used to treat elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure
  • Relieves headaches and toothaches
  • May reduce risk of heart attack or stroke by reducing blood platelet “clumping”
  • A strong antioxidant and effective antimicrobial
  • Can be applied topically to first- and second-degree burns

Parts Used: Rhizomes, roots

Preparations: Ginger is available as fresh or dried root, liquid extract, tablets, capsules, prepared tea.

  • To make tea- boil 1 oz dried ginger root or 1/2 in/1cm of fresh ginger root in 1 cup boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain, add a tsp. of honey, and sip slowly.

Side Effects and Warnings of Ginger:

  • If you are pregnant, consult an herbalist or a licensed healthcare professional before using large amounts of ginger
  • Heartburn or stomach distress if taken in large quantities
  • May result in prolonged bleeding time
  • Avoid during times in chemotherapy or after surgery when bleeding is a concern.
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