Inspiration for Weight Loss & Health

I can live a pressure-free, healthy life with focus, clarity, direction, and purpose.

I use my tools of centering, simplicity, direction and intention to remain healthy and light-hearted.

I am able to freely float through my day with peace of mind and a joyful heart. I feel this serenity because I have fortified myself with healthy habits. I strive to achieve simplicity in my life and thus I can feel pressure-free. I am centered and grounded because I remain mindful of the truth within each moment of my day.

I am fully aware of where I am going and where I wish to be, which brings me closer toward my goals every day. My day and my life is full of purposeful thought and action. Blending this in my life offers me serenity and peace.

When difficulty or pressure comes into my life, I am able to handle it with speed and ease using the tools and skills I have collected throughout my life. I keep my body healthy with nutritious foods and invigorating exercise, which opens my eyes to a new level of conscious living.

My mind is clear and I am able to be attentive. I have an understanding of my goals and how to achieve them. This makes me strong and able to overcome any uncomfortable situation or pressure that may come my way.

Today I choose to remain confident in my abilities to overcome adversity and live a pressure-free life. I will use the tools I have built in my life to handle anything that may come my way. I have built healthy habits that strengthen and prepare me for my life-long journey.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What tools do I have at my disposal?
2. How have I fortified my body and mind?
3. What makes me centered and focused?

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