Inspiration for Weight Loss & Health

I gratefully replenish my mind, body, and soul.

Living a full life requires thoughtful words, planned actions, an energized body, and a committed soul. Because I want to enjoy my life and bring happiness to others, I ask that my mind, body, and soul be fully present in my life.

Every day I take actions to rejuvenate myself because I function best when I replenish my mind, body, and soul.

I gratefully replenish my mind by seeking out activities that fuel my brain. I solve puzzles, read books, have stimulating conversations with friends, and challenge myself to complete new tasks. I take time to stir my creative thoughts.

By exercising and pampering myself, I replenish my body. Getting my body moving and taking time to rest are both important aspects to energizing my physical being.

Not only do I get a full night’s sleep, but I also find ways to strengthen my body through vigorous daily activity.

Taking care of my soul is another way to replenish my life. I use self-reflection and prayer to make sure I stay true to my passions, purpose, and relationships. Nurturing my soul is a valuable part of my daily routine.

I am grateful for the gifts of my mind, body, and soul, so I do my best to replenish them. Finding time to take care of myself is vital. Loving and nurturing my mind, body, and soul bring me health, happiness and fulfillment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What have I done today to replenish my mind?
2. Have I both exercised and rested my body today?
3. Can I find more active ways to nourish my soul?

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