Inspiration for Weight Loss & Health

I allow my body to receive enough rest and exercise.

I make sure to take care of my body and mind. When I work, I work hard. But when it is time to relax, I focus entirely on me, leaving stress behind.

I know rest and exercise is important to my physical health. Exercise keeps me at a healthy weight and helps my heart pump optimally.

Rest allows my cells to renew themselves and helps them ward off illnesses. I am able to avoid more extensive time loss from illness and disease because I give myself enough rest each night.

I also rest for the sake of my emotional and spiritual strength and stamina. The more rested I am, the more I am able to proactively rise above stress.

I also rest and exercise for my personal creativity. A tired mind is a muddled mind, and I keep mine rested so it can be clear and open to whatever insights may cross my path. Creativity is not something that can be forced; it simply infuses me when I am able to allow it.

For these reasons, I regularly invest in the health and well-being of my body, mind, and spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I invest in my own health and well-being?
2. Do I recognize the extra energy available to me when I exercise my body and mind?
3. Do I allow myself enough rest to be open to the creative impulses that cross my path?

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