Inspiration for Weight Loss & Health

I am getting healthier, happier, and richer.

I am faithfully following a work out regimen. I enjoy working out and being healthy because it is good for me.

Cultivating healthy habits is one way that I can show myself love and appreciation. My Creator is honored when I take care of the body he gave me.

I am eliminating foods that contaminate my body. By watching what I put into my body, I am creating a consciousness of what I eat.

Because of these healthy habits, I have more energy and stamina to do the things I love. My family reaps the benefits of my new lifestyle.

Every time I replace an undesired behavior with a positive one, I find more happiness. My life is also becoming more disciplined.

I can achieve everything that I want within the confines of a 24-hour day when I make good use of my time.

Being aware of my health has raised my awareness of other areas in my life.

I am finding value and joy in the smallest things in life. I am putting on my gratitude glasses in order to clearly see how blessed I am. As a result, I am blissful.

My life is replete with blessings. My life’s saving’s account is overflowing with surplus joy. I have more than enough happiness, grace, and peace.

Taking care of my body is an outward representation of the way I care about my heart and spirit.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are there any contaminants I need to eliminate from my life?
2. How do other areas of my life benefit from my taking care of my body?
3. How has my life improved in the last five years?

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