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What is Your Goal?

Tell us what your health or weight loss goal is from the options below.

1. Weight Loss/Reduce Body fat
2. Cleanse & Detox My Body
3. Lose Weight & Improve Overall Health
4. Lose Belly Fat
5. Build Lean Muscle/Cut Body fat

How Quickly Do You Want To Achieve Your Goal?

How fast do you want to see results?

1. 1-2 Weeks
2. 3-4 Weeks
3. 1-3 Months
4. I'm in no rush

How Much Weight Do You Want To Lose?

Simply choose how much weight you want to lose from the options below.

1. 10-15 lbs
2. 20-25 lbs
3. 30-40 lbs
4. 50+ lbs
5. Maintain Current Weight

What's Your Diet Like?

Tell us what your typical diet is like

I eat very healthy
I try to eat some healthy foods
I live on junk food, chocolate and cakes

What is Your Gender?

This is optional but helps our recommendation engine find the best product for you.

1. Male
2. Female
3. Prefer not to say

What is Your Level of Physical Activity?

Choose your level of physical activity or exercise.

1. Couch Potato
2. Normal everyday activity
3. Go to the gym sometimes
4. Go to the gym and/or workout regularly

What's Your Favorite Drink?

Tell us what your favorite drink is from the options below.

Healthy Fruit Smoothies
Sports drinks
Green Tea

Do You Suffer With Lack of Energy?

Do you find you regularly lack energy and feel tired?

1. Yes, I'm tired all the time
2. Sometimes lack energy
3. No, I'm like the energizer bunny

All 8 questions completed!

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